environmental policy


1. Introduction 

Environmental issues are increasingly achieving significance in all aspects of our lives, both private and business.

Straight Edge Scaffolding Ltd is fully committed to the prevention of pollution, protecting and minimising the effects of operations on the environment, therefore we will, where required comply with legislation and other obligations to fulfil our Environmental Policy EMS. (Environmental Management System)

We at Straight Edge Scaffolding Ltd fully recognise and understand the importance of these issues and have taken, and will continue to take, all steps necessary to ensure that we are aware of current legislation.

We further confirm that we will ensure that all activities of the Company together with its suppliers and subcontractors comply fully with the environmental legislation.

We will co-operate fully with and carry out the requirements of the Environment Agency, Local Authorities, Water Companies and where applicable Railway Regulations.

Straight Edge Scaffolding Ltd aims to reduce the impact of their business on the Environment and to improve quality of life by careful application of the following policies:

  • Meet all necessary legal and regulatory requirements, in so far as they pertain to our business.
  • Provide a well-structured and organised approach to site organisation.
  • Clearly determine the requirements of the environmental management and assigns responsibility to site personnel.
  • Constantly monitor environmental management aspects on site in a systematic way and record all environmental issues.
  • Manage our construction sites in an environmentally sensitive manner.
  • Operate a thoughtful buying policy selecting, whenever practical, alternative products, materials and services which cause less damage to the environment.
  • Minimise the use of environmentally sensitive materials.
  • Promote recycling materials wherever possible.
  • Minimise waste and reduce consumption of materials.
  • Develop environmental standards and promote these through our business.
  • Use materials that are gleaned from renewable sources.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations for noise, waste disposal and energy use.
  • Use methods of construction that are sympathetic to the environment.
  • Communicate environmental policies to all our staff.
  • Continuously improve environmental awareness in the light of new research and developments.
  • Minimise or eliminate polluting substances, using alternative substances with less or no impact on the environment.
  • Review this policy annually.
  • Make the contents of this policy available to customers and the public.


Mr P. Haines has overall responsibility for ensuring that all employees understand their role, accountability and involvement in contributing to meeting the aims and objectives of the company’s environmental policy.

Further responsibilities include:

Ensure that an environmental policy has been prepared and to ensure that the policy is reviewed at regular intervals.

Ensure that the organisations vision and direction in relation to environmental aspects is consistent with current socio-economic factors.

Agree and endorse the environmental policy and corporate objectives Straight Edge Scaffolding Ltd.

Develop policy commitments, review action plans and environmental targets.

Ensure that the organisation complies with all statutory legal requirements.

Monitor environmental performance, management systems and internal procedures.

Develop targets for procurement and requirements of stakeholders, contractors and suppliers.

Ensure regulatory compliance and continual improvement in all environmental aspects.

Identify employee training needs and maintain an environmentally aware workforce.

Revision Date: August 2015.


2. Policy

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